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Security State Bank opens in New Hampton

Pictured Left to Right: Jim Johnson (Chairman - SSB), Nick Winter (Ag/Commercial Loan Officer), Grant Anderson (Market President), Cindy Holthaus (Bookeeper), Casey Paulus (Customer Service Representative), Bailey Knowlton (Customer Service Intern), Dustin Lewis (Real Estate/Consumer Loan Officer), and Darin Johnson (CEO/President - SSB).

“We are excited to open a new Security State Bank branch in New Hampton. We are a full service community bank with a vested interest in helping our communities thrive. Our business model has been and will continue to be to empower our staff to make local decisions that best serve our customer’s needs. We believe this sets us apart from most banks today where most decisions are made by people in distant locations.”
Darin Johnson, CEO/President of Security State Bank

NOTE: We are currently taking precautions due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. We have our drive up window service available during business hours and face to face business by appointment only. We want to assure you we are here to serve all your financial needs.


1. How do I go about opening a deposit or loan account at Security State Bank?
Contact us at (641)229-8500 for more information to open an account.

2. What are Security State Bank's hours in New Hampton?
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Lobby and Drive-up Monday through Friday

3. Who works at Security State Bank in New Hampton?
SSB's employees in New Hampton have over 65 years of combined banking experience. Working in New Hampton will be Grant Anderson, Dustin Lewis, Nick Winter, Cindy Holthaus, and Casey Paulus. We will also have Bailey Knowlton joining our staff as a summer intern.

4. Where is Security State Bank located in New Hampton?
SSB is located at 923 North Linn Avenue in New Hampton or just North of Dollar General and Geerts Plumbing and Heating.

5. What services does Security State Bank offer?
Security State Bank is a full service bank here to help you with all of your banking needs. We will be offering the same loan and deposit products as Peoples Savings Bank in Elma. You can learn more about these products and services by visiting the PSB website or giving us a call.

6. How do I access my online banking?
If your account was established at Security State Bank in New Hampton, please go here. If your account was established at Peoples Savings Bank in Elma go here.

7. Will loan and deposit rates be the similar at Peoples Savings Bank in Elma and Security State Bank in New Hampton?
Yes! Visit with a loan officer to learn more on loan rates and our deposit rates can be found here.

8. If I currently bank at Peoples Savings Bank in Elma, can I do my banking at Security State Bank in New Hampton or vice versa?
Yes, you can make deposits, loan payments, and get cash at either location. Both locations have a night drop box by the drive up. All accounts are accessible by either location. If your account (ex. loan or deposit account) was originated in Elma your documents will say Peoples Savings Bank A Division of Security State Bank and if your documents are originated in New Hampton they will say Security State Bank.

9. How do I find an ATM with no fee?
Peoples Savings Bank has ATM’s located in the southwest corner of the bank in Elma as well as in the entryway of Peoples Insurance in Alta Vista. You can also look for an ATM that is part of the Privileged Status Network because they will not surcharge you for a transaction. Go to to find a Privileged Status Network ATM locator. NOTE: All banks in New Hampton are part of Privileged Status Network.

10. What is the history of Security State Bank and Peoples Savings Bank?
Security State Bank, of Sutherland Iowa, has been locally owned and active member of the community since 1931 and Peoples Savings Bank in Elma has been since 1927. On July 1, 2019 Peoples Savings Bank merged with Security State Bank in Sutherland Iowa, a bank they had ties with for 13 years. In 2006 Jim Johnson of Sutherland, Iowa joined Bruce Weigel and other local people in buying the bank in Elma from Clint & Betty Richards and Joe & Nancy Johnson. At that time, Jim Johnson was also 50% owner of Security State Bank in Sutherland, Iowa. Jim was Chairman of the Board at both Peoples Savings Bank in Elma and Security State Bank in Sutherland for thirteen years. In recent years as Jim transitioned into retirement, his son, Darin became majority owner of the bank in Sutherland. This merger allowed both to remain independent banks serving their communities and rural areas well into the future. They continue to have local stockholders and local decisions. Lending limits increased which allows us to better serve our loan customers. In time we will gain efficiencies that will cut expenses allowing us to continue offering competitive deposit rates and loan rates. Security State Bank also has a location in Paulina and in 2020 opened a location in New Hampton.

11. Why is the bank in Elma called Peoples Savings Bank and not called Security State Bank?
When the Peoples Savings Bank merged with Security State Bank in Sutherland in 2019 the board felt it was important to keep the name. Products also did not change.